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About Me

Dear Student,

I am Attila, your private English tutor. Thank you for visiting my website.

I have been teaching English for nearly 25 years by now. I teach children, teens and adults at all levels.

I am TEFL Certified. I also have the TEFL - TBE (TEFL Certificate in Teaching Business English) and the TEFL - TEYL (TEFL Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners) certificates.


My primary aim is to help you: I am going to customize your lessons based on your goals.


The question is what do you want to achieve? Do you want to improve your pronunciation, your grammar, vocabulary, or communication skills?

Do you want to know more? Please watch my introductory video:

I truly enjoy teaching English, and I am looking for passionate students who want to learn and improve. I have flexible hours, many resources and lessons that I designed to help you. I look forward to speaking with you.

Bye for now!





English for beginners

I can teach complete beginners, who can speak either French or Hungarian.

Conversational English

Tell me a topic, so we can talk about it!

English homework help

I am happy to help with your homework :-)

English for kids

I have been teaching children from the age of five for about 10 years by now. Also, I have done the TEFL - TEYL certificate (TEFL Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners).

General English

OK, we can generalize things if necessary, no problem :-)

English job interview preparation

Actually, I myself would need some help with this, but we will solve this as well ;-)

Intensive English

I have a lot of time, we can have a lot of lessons in case you want quick improvement...

English for work

Well, if it is absolutely necessary we can talk about work-related topics. You might want to come up with something more exciting though :-)

English for IT

I worked for about 16 years in the field of Information Technology (IT), we can talk about software development related topics (though I am not a developer), or about Technical Writind, or call-center related terminology :-)

Business English

I have been using English in an office environment for more than 15 years by now using 'Business English'. I also have the TEFL - TBE (TEFL Certificate in Teaching Business English) certificate.

English for traveling

I am a globetrotter myself, I do hope I can help. Actually, it is an exciting topic, why do not we talk about it?

English for studying abroad

I myself was a Tempus (in the UK) and a Fulbright (in the US) scholar for years.

Your own topic

Do you have your own topic you want to talk about? Contact me, so we can discuss how I can help!

Grammar improvement

Do you want to improve your grammar? Do you have probems with the English tense system, modals, passive, reported speech, conditionals or something else? I can put together a lesson plan for you to improve that specific area.

Vocabulary building

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Or you have tried it already, but do not know how to memorize words or expressions that will stick into your memory?

Tutoring Options

One on One Lessons

Online English Lessons

This is what I offer and this is why this website was created. You can contact me, so I can provide you personalized help.

Well, if you still want to invite one of your friends to join, no problem from my side.

Unless you live somewhere nearby, probably the only way we can learn together is over Skype (or another video conferencing software). If you are averse to learning online, give it a try: the first conversation is always free!


Preferably online (over Skype / Zoom). If you live in Luxembourg or Belgium, we can meet in person.

Price and Length of the Lessons

I give lessons as follows:

60 min:  25 EUR

90 min:  40 EUR

120 min: 50 EUR

What is the trial lesson and why it is free?

The Trial Lesson is very important for both of us to establish rapport and get to know each other. It is crucial for me to understand what you need as well as important for you to realize what you expect. Therefore, I insist on that we should have a trial lesson before we start our real job together.


What Happy Students & Parents Say

Perfect! I have been taking classes with Attila for 6 months on Skype.
Attila's courses are very structured. We define the need, subject, or grammar point that we will address at the end of each session.


Attila is a flexible and patient teacher, he does not hesitate to repeat the blocking points several times. I recommend 100% courses with Attila.

Michael  (on the site '')


Contact Me

Should you have questions or concerns, please send me a mail by using the below form:

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